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CCIL thanks West Chester University for housing our servers and providing high speed internet connectivity.
CCIL depends on the support of volunteers, individuals and institutions to accomplish its mission.

   End of an Era ... A new beginning

Changes coming for CCIL account holders

CCIL (Chester County InterLink), is announcing several changes in our Internet services, which will go into effect on August 31, 2016.

All account holders of record should have received a postal mailing as well as an email notice with migration instructions. Questions or comments should be directed to The CCIL Helpdesk via email or by phoning the Help line at (484) 238-0579.

Once a replacement account has been setup, it is important that the account owner login in to that account using the password provided by the account administrator. Failure to do so BEFORE August 31, 2016 will result in an inability to utilize email. Additionally, it will be very difficult to distribute a replacement password in order to regain account access.

Chester County Interlink will continue to exist and will continue to support residents and students in Chester County. Our primary current service offering, email, will be delivered via an alternate platform rather than private computers. Volunteers from CCIL will continue to provide support for email and other Internet services.

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of others that impact our community, please consider making your own donation to CCIL
   Thank you

WCAEA 2015 Donation

CCIL (Chester County InterLink), an all volunteer, non-profit service organization providing resources that strengthen families and builds communities, is the recipient of a $3,000. donation.

Thank you, West Chester Area Education Association

This donation will allow CCIL to continue to serve Chester County.

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of others that impact our community, please consider making your own donation to CCIL

Please note:

Help line phone number
The new phone number to leave a
message for Help is

(484) 238-0579

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Have a computer to donate? We recommend Team Children's donation web page
or Reconnect/Goodwill

Low cost, refurbished PCs
Go to Team Children's application web page or call them at 610-666-1795