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Welcome to the new CCIL.org home page

On August 31st 2016 we transitioned to a new platform. 

Pilot Program for CCIL-Fast, low-cost broadband internet access.

CCIL has started a limited Pilot Program of CCIL-Fast, a low-cost ($10/mo) broadband internet access service with unlimited data.  CCIL-Fast users receive a portable HotSpot which connects to a national 4G LTE wireless network and allows up to 10 Wi-Fi computers, smartphones or other devices to access the internet. If you are interested, send an email from your <id>@ccil.org account with your name and full street address to help@ccil.org.  Your address will be used only to perform a preliminary assessment of 4G-LTE wireless network coverage at your location.  You will receive further information by email reply.

All CCIL members are now eligible for the set of CCIL Apps

See the information under SERVICES > MY CCIL APPS in the sidebar to the left.

Thank you, Chris Ruggiero of Ruggiero & Company

Chris Ruggiero has provided tax return services for us for several years.  We are grateful for his continuing support.