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For two years, Chester County Interlink (CCIL) has been developing CCIL-Fast, a low-cost broadband internet access service.  CCIL is now ready to offer CCIL-Fast on a limited basis to CCIL members.

What is CCIL-Fast?  A low-cost broadband internet access program.  Program users receive a wireless “HotSpot” device that connects to the internet via a wireless 4G LTE data network and allows up to 10 WiFi computers, smartphones or other WiFi devices to connect to the internet.

How much does CCIL-Fast cost?  $10 per month, payable and renewable in advance in blocks of 12 months, plus a one-time $25 administrative fee. You receive the HotSpot for free; you pay only for the data plan usage.

What is the CCIL-Fast HotSpot? An electronic device, smaller than a deck of cards, with an internal rechargeable battery for fixed or portable use. The HotSpot may be used in your home or car but only in the continental US.

How fast is CCIL-Fast?  Data rate varies by location but ranges from 2 Mbps to over 20 Mbps. The data plan provides unlimited data.

Who is eligible for the Pilot Program?  Members of CCIL.  We may limit eligibility in locations of poor coverage and based on our volunteer’s time.

What are the steps to get CCIL-Fast?  If you are interested in signing up for CCIL-Fast:

1 - Send an email to help@ccil.org from your <name>@ccil.org email address. IMPORTANT - include your full street address and telephone number.  CCIL uses your street address to make a preliminary assessment of signal coverage at your location.  CCIl only uses your phone number to coordinate with you about the CCIL-Fast service 

2 - You will receive a email reply stating whether or not you are eligible for CCIL-Fast.

3 - A CCIL volunteer will contact you to visit and conduct a site survey to ensure that CCIL-Fast performance is adequate in your location.

4 - If CCIL-Fast performance is adequate and you want to order the service, you will make an advance payment of $25 to cover one-time CCIL administrative costs plus $120 ($10/month for 12 months) for the unlimited data plan; a total of $145 for the first 12 months.  Subsequent 12 month periods are only $120.

5 - CCIL will configure the HotSpot and data plan.  A CCIL volunteer will deliver the HotSpot and verify correct operation.  The elapsed time between when your payment is received and delivery of the HotSpot will usually be less than 10 business days.

6 - Your service will be active for 12 months.  If you wish to continue the service, you will pay $120 to renew the data plan for the next 12 months.

What is expected of me?  We would like feedback about your experience with CCIL-Fast.  If you are satisfied with CCIL-Fast, we would appreciate you volunteering time to help other CCIL members obtain the service.  Typically this would involve explaining the program to potential members, conducting site surveys, and delivering the HotSpots.

Thank you for your interest in CCIL-Fast.