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My CCIL Apps

 NEW ->CCIL Users now have access to all of these Google services, and more!
Contacts - Organize all the information about the important people, organizations, and groups in your life.  Send emails and letters to all the people in one group in one operation. Access the information from anywhere.

Learn more       Go to My Contacts

Calendar - See all of your important appointments and events from anywhere.  Create separate calendars for each person or group.  Share them to coordinate activities and eliminate conflicts.

Learn more        Go to My Calendars

Docs - Create, edit, share, and collaborate upon word processing documents with styled text, pictures and graphics. View or work on documents from anywhere.  Convert to and from Microsoft Word documents.

Learn more        Go to My Documents

Sheets - Make simple or complex spreadsheets with built-in formulas and formats.  Use your own layout or choose from many common templates.  Convert to and from Microsoft Excel.  Share with others and access from anywhere.

Learn more        Go to My Spreadsheets

Sites - Your own website, the way you want it to look.  Easy to design your own using on-screen tools and templates - no need for programming languages.  Public or private, you choose how much to share and with whom.

Learn more        Go to My Websites

Drive - Store your files in the “cloud”.  You have up to 30 GB of storage and you can work on those files from anywhere.  You can share them with friends and colleagues or even publish them to the internet.

Learn more        Go to My Drive