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CCIL is an all-volunteer organization and we need some new volunteers!

BENEFITS - All CCIL volunteer positions are eligible for the following CCIL benefits:

1 - Rewarding service to your Chester County neighbors as part of an established 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization

2 - Free CCIL Apps service including email, online word processing and spreadsheets, website hosting, and other tools.

3 - Eligible to obtain and evaluate CCIL-Fast, a low-cost broadband internet access service, before it is offered to the general CCIL membership.

POSITIONS - All of these volunteer positions are either continuing, light-duty, work from home or are specific limited-scope tasks. All volunteer positions require free CCIL membership and involve email and/or telephone coordination with other CCIL members or officers. Some involve once-a-month travel to West Chester, PA for meetings.  Currently, our needed volunteer positions and roles include:

Webmaster - CCIL Website - Continuing light duty, work from home, occasional trips into West Chester for coordination with CCIL Officers

• familiarity with website design and implementation using WYSIWYG tools,

• familiarity with Google Apps “Sites” tool,

• a preliminary CCIL website exists - using the Google Apps “Sites” tool.

• this role will involve:

• becoming familiar with the design and content of the preliminary CCIL website

• performing routine updates and maintenance to the website

• presenting and recommending improvements for the website to the CCIL Board

• accepting direction from CCIL Board for changes and enhancements to the website

Recording Secretary - Continuing light duty, work from home, coordinate with CCIL Board, one trip monthly into West Chester for Board meetings.

  • familiarity with word processing such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs

  • attend CCIL Board meetings, take notes of significant actions for meeting minutes

  • publish and distribute draft and final minutes of board meetings

   • coordinate with Chester County Hospital schedulers for location of Board meetings

  • publish and distribute agenda, with meeting location, for upcoming meetings

  • maintain a hardcopy archive of important CCIL documents 

Help Desk Support - Continuing light duty, work from home, coordinate with other CCIL help desk personnel

• familiarity with Gmail and Google/Gmail accounts

• comfortable and patient with working with people without some computer skills

• review email and telephone requests for help desk support from CCIL members

• if within areas of knowledge, respond by phone or email to member for problem resolution.

• if not within areas of knowledge, coordinate with other help desk personnel to get answer or to identify another person to respond.

Public Relations - Continuing light duty, work from home, coordinate with CCIL Board, one trip monthly into West Chester for Board meetings.

• experience in writing press releases and other public information media

• contacts in local media outlets

• suggest specific public relations projects to the CCIL Board

• direct and execute specific projects with help from other volunteers

Consultant - Business Planning - specific task, work from home, coordinate with CCIL Board, one trip monthly into West Chester for Board meetings.

• bring non-profit and business planning skills and experience to CCIL

• CCIL has an opportunity to provide a low-cost broadband internet access service

• technical approach has been developed and is currently being evaluated

• analyze opportunity and develop business plan to initiate and operate the service

• business plan to include mission, objectives, strategies, tasks, roles, financial viability

• opportunity to continue project participation

Director - Member of Board of Directors - Continuing light duty, work from home, one trip monthly into West Chester for Board meetings.

• bring non-profit and business experience to CCIL

• experience and familiarity with CCIL is appreciated but not necessary

• participate in strategic planning and month-to-month decisions for CCIL

• expected to perform in some volunteer role in addition to Director role.

• a tax-deductible financial contribution to CCIL is expected

I’M INTERESTED - What do I do next?.  

Please respond by email to: vols@ccil.org telling us which positions are of interest, summarizing skills and background, and asking any relevant questions.